Hello world!

Welcome to the-contrarian.org.   This is a site that will dare to challenge the “widely-accepted” and the “majority” view on a number of subjects, particularly in relation to the way we live and are governed today.

Most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to research any subject thoroughly and so, increasingly, we are having our opinions formed for us by information and/or propaganda peddled by big-business, state-funded broadcasters and other media, and a whole host of other organised and vested interests.

For example, the accepted wisdom or ‘default view’, fed to us over many years, is that we in Australia are lucky to live in one of the most free, fair and democratic countries in the world.   Well, that may be true if you’re rich and powerful (Paul Hogan probably wouldn’t agree) but if you’re an ordinary citizen your rights and freedoms are pretty narrow and restrictive.  Again you soon find that if you’re in dispute with, say, any large organisation, whether public or private, it’s they that hold all the cards.  This despite all sorts of highly publicized legislation designed to create a level playing field but which in practice is usually so much ‘window-dressing’.

If by questioning and taking up contrary positions to ‘overwhelming majority views’ we can in some small way curb the natural arrogance of power, and by so doing bring about an improvement to the freedoms and liberties of ordinary Australians, we shall be well content.